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Welded profiles

Our offer range includes square and rectangular closed, welded profiles
For the production of profiles we use certified hot-dip galvanized sheets complying with the requirements of the standards: PN-EN 10142, PN-EN 101047, STN 420115 and coming from the leading steel manufacturers, from sources such as ArcelorMittal, Marcegaglia, Wuppermann, US Steel, ThyssenKrupp. The production technology used complies with the highest world’s standards, from the stage of computer design of the calibrating rollers through the final product.
Thanks to the high corrosion resistance and great precision, our profiles are used, apart from their applications in the production of window frames from PVC, also in the building of skeletons of light umbrella roofs and halls.
Due to its high corrosion resistance, strength and durability, our closed, welded profiles have multiple application, including in fencing systems, the structure of skeletons lightweight constructions and halls, as elements of garage doors and much more.
material: hot-dip zinc coated sheet metal DX51 with coating Z100 to Z275 or steel grades acc. to individual agreements with the client

thickness range: 1.0 – 3.0 mm
length range: 2 – 8 running meters
cross section range: 20×20 – 60x80mm

The range of zinc-coated profiles being on offer meets all possible requirements that are set by the market. We put special emphasis on the quality of both the product and the packing.